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We’re not your typical data analytics partner

Bueno is a purpose-driven, next-generation platform. Our SaaS is designed to empower like-minded, tech-adept partners with future readiness that drives client capabilities forward, with ease.

  • Unlimited scalability

    Unlike other platforms, Bueno has no site limits. Leverage our flexible and robust cloud-based architecture for rapid scaling across an unlimited number of building sites and equipment.

  • Self-serve deployment

    Bueno has the only platform in the market designed with easy self-service deployment. Our expert team and technology reduce your need for skilled labour.

  • Designed for portfolios

    Our platform is designed for accurate information, fast. We can produce reports by site or by complex portfolio groups that can be tailored to the way you need them.

  • Optimised for more equipment types

    Our Fault Detection & Diagnostics module covers more equipment types than any other platform. Support your clients across diverse industries and equipment systems with optimisation rules that deliver greater savings.

  • The best ROI from deployment

    Better integration, better analytics, and better platform rules mean better ROI for you and your client.

  • Access Bueno’s Professional Service Experts

    Bueno’s Managed Services means you have access to our global team of experts - so you can focus on the important issues.

  • Proven accuracy

    Better data-collection and data-cleansing means Better decision-making and outcomes.

Why partner with Bueno

  • Faster deployment

    Machine Learning capabilities mean our platform can be deployed in 4-5 days, not 4-6 weeks.

  • Expand your services

    Offer services beyond maintenance contracts and address issues outside the scope to generate additional revenue.

  • Client retention

    Optimise existing projects to provide valuable insights and improvements to clients.

  • Major capital works/ equipment upgrades

    Identify opportunities for significant capital works and/or equipment upgrades that boost revenue generation.

  • Reduce your need for additional skilled labour

    Reduce your costs and reliance on scarce skilled labour thanks to automated analytics.

  • More revenue, faster growth

    Greater project control for your business: a win-win solution for you and your clients.

Bueno's valued partners

Trusted and passionate team of industry experts

Bueno has the most experienced and trusted team of industry experts. Our market-leading software supports your optimisation journey.

Learn more about the unique benefits of the Bueno Smart Building Analytics Solution.

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