The Bueno Platform
Introducing The bueno platform

Optimise performance with Bueno’s Analytics Platform

Bueno’s Smart Building Analytics platform will arm your team with the ability to optimise the performance of your buildings. We connect to all your equipment, identifying faults and opportunities to optimise them – all while combating the climate crisis.

Cutting edge performance

Bueno’s cutting edge building analytics architecture is the best on the market, featuring our recently deployed platform, developed by our in-house specialist team.

Gain better insights...


Automate low-risk maintenance tasks


Reduce energy consumption


Exceed sustainability & ESG targets

As a result, your company will reap the benefits from...


Increased building value


Improved occupant & customer experience


Increased equipment lifecycle


Reduced costs

What sets us apart from other platforms is our
industry leading technology.

Designed for Portfolios

Analyse your buildings by site/region/state/contractor, and work towards achieving specific goals.

Industry Best Algorithms

Enjoy savings thanks to the refined analysis of better-tested and validated rules across more systems.

Rapid Deployment & Scalability

Machine learning deployment technology enables rapid integration and scalability of new sites (in hours, not days), regardless of complexity, size and scale.

Better Frequency

Data is collected every 5 minutes (not 15 minutes), giving you improved insights and better fault detection.

More Connections

We connect to more systems and equipment, including BACnet, Modbus, BMS, fridges, Meters, lighting … the list goes on.

Super Fast Platform

We can efficiently navigate large portfolios and data-heavy buildings. Our platform's capabilities support your business as you grow.

Brilliantly Insightful Analytics

Our reporting and workflow actions amaze even the most experienced facilities managers and building owners.

User-Friendly Platform

Intuitive navigation, easy-to-read reports, and user-friendly ticket collaboration capabilities help your teams work together with ease.

How the Bueno platform works

The Bueno platform integrates with a wide range of systems and other building operational technologies to turbocharge your building’s performance. Our three modules cover all your bases:

We work across all property types, regardless of complexity, size, or scale. We work with you to create and deploy analytics that address specific sustainability goals.

Bueno Analytics phone The Bueno Platform

Learn more about what makes us unique


Find out what makes our reporting more accurate and effective to drive better financial and environmental outcomes.


We connect and view more stand-alone systems than any other solution on the market.

Security & Data Privacy

For more information about the Bueno platform’s security and data privacy click on the link below.


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