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Building Rating Systems

Building Rating Systems

Tracking Reports for NABERS, GRESB, WELLS, Green Star, Energy Star and more

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond consumption data. We also assist our clients in achieving and maintaining high-performance ratings in programs such as NABERS. Bueno’s comprehensive suite of modules actively tracks and estimates various building rating schemes.

We’re at the forefront of NABERS Tracking

Since our inception, Bueno has been at the forefront of delivering solutions that facilitate data-driven recommendations that enable improvements in NABERS performance. With the introduction of NABERS UK, we have the ability to leverage the data collected by the Platform and actively track and estimate ratings and rating parameters. 

Bueno Analytics can help you get 6 Star NABERS Ratings
Bueno Analytics can help you get 6 Star NABERS Ratings

Predictive NABERS Performance

At Bueno, we believe in achieving high initial ratings and ensuring the sustained excellence of these ratings over time. We offer continuous NABERS tracking services that promptly identify potential performance deviations. enabling swift correction actions. Collaborating closely with our clients, Bueno helps achieve ambitious NABERS emissions targets. On average, our NABERS tracking improves our customers’ ratings by ½ a star.

Bueno Building Rating System Reports & Tracking
Bueno Building Rating System Reports & Tracking
Bueno Nabers Tracking Report
Bueno Nabers Tracking Report

Energy Star, LEED, Green Star and GRESB Reporting – we cover them all

Bueno provides the means to measure, track, report on, and ultimately achieve emissions targets across many building rating systems. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our clients meet regulatory requirements and contribute significantly to their sustainability goals.  

Bueno Analytics ratings Building Rating Systems

Localised Reporting Requirements

Our suite of reports are easily adapted to different local or country-specific commercial rating systems. 

In the US, this includes requirements like Local Law 97 (LL97), Local Law 84 (LL84), Local Law 33 (LL33), Boston’s Building Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO), Building Performance Standards (BPS) and Energy Benchmark Ordinance. 

In the UK, it includes NABERS UK, EPC Commercial Property Ratings, and platforms like BREEAM.

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