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Building analytics promises better business and better sustainability solutions.

Building Analytics

Building Analytics

What is Building Analytics?

Building analytics is a revolutionary approach that harnesses the power of data to transform how we manage and interact with our built environment. By leveraging advanced sensors and technology, and sophisticated data analysis, building analytics provides deep insights into the performance of HVAC systems, lighting, and other critical infrastructure.

The result? Smarter buildings that not only save money and reduce environmental impact but also create healthier, more productive spaces for people to live and work. In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, building analytics is not just important—it’s indispensable.

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Use Case Scenario

A mid-sized company focused on sustainability recently moved into a new office building. Aiming to optimise their building operations, they sought to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve employee comfort and productivity. They decided to implement the full suite of solutions on Bueno’s building analytics platform, including modules for Energy Management, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, and Building Optimisation.

Phase 1: Understanding Building Analytics

The facilities team collaborated with Bueno to gain a comprehensive understanding of what building data is available, how to capture it with high data integrity, and how to use it effectively across various modules. Many building owners and facility managers have building data but lack the expertise to utilise it properly. Bueno’s building analytics expertise bridges this gap, offering a fundamental understanding that underpins all other modules.

Phase 2: Implementation and Setup

Bueno applies a whole-building integration approach, incorporating HVAC systems, lighting, and all other critical building infrastructure. This phase includes integrating existing Building Management System (BMS) data with Bueno’s platform.

Phase 3: Energy Management

Dashboard Setup and Real-Time Monitoring:

  • A comprehensive dashboard displays real-time energy usage across different areas of the building, monitoring meters and ensuring data integrity.
  • Bueno’s near real-time monitoring every 5 minutes allows for precise and timely data collection, surpassing competitors’ 15-minute intervals.

Alerts and Notifications:

  • The system sends alerts for unusual spikes in energy consumption or deviations from the baseline.

Data Analysis and Reporting:

  • Energy Consumption Reports: Monthly and quarterly reports highlight energy use trends, peak usage times, and areas for potential savings.
  • Benchmarking: The building’s energy performance is benchmarked against similar buildings to identify additional optimization opportunities.

Phase 4: Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Proactive Fault Detection:

  • Continuous Monitoring: The fault detection module continuously monitors equipment performance and identifies anomalies that may indicate potential faults.
  • Predictive Alerts: The system predicts potential failures and sends early warnings to the maintenance team, enabling proactive maintenance.

Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis:

  • Automated Diagnostics: When a fault is detected, the system performs automated diagnostics to determine the root cause, providing detailed insights and suggested corrective actions.
  • Maintenance Planning: Maintenance activities are planned and prioritised based on the criticality and impact of identified faults, minimising downtime and ensuring optimal performance.


  • Facility Managers use Bueno’s clear reporting to swiftly respond to issues and collaborate with contractors and stakeholders to optimise the building’s operations.

Phase 5: Building Optimisation

Operational Efficiency:

  • Optimisation Algorithms: The building optimisation module uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimise HVAC schedules, lighting controls, and other systems based on occupancy patterns and environmental conditions.
  • Dynamic Adjustments: Real-time adjustments maintain comfort while minimising energy use, such as adjusting HVAC settings in unoccupied rooms.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Performance Feedback: The platform continuously collects feedback on building performance, learning and adapting to changing conditions and usage patterns.
  • Sustainability Goals: The company sets and tracks progress toward sustainability goals, such as reducing carbon footprint and achieving energy certifications.
  • NABERS Tracking: The platform tracks NABERS performance and identifies effective ways to optimise and improve its ratings immediately and in the long-term.

Building Optimisation and Building Analytics

The Importance of Building Analytics

Building analytics is the foundational expertise that makes Bueno’s solutions effective. Many facilities have data but lack the capability to use it efficiently. Bueno excels in understanding this data, ensuring its integrity, and applying it to enhance energy management, fault detection, and building optimisation. By mastering building analytics, Bueno helps clients maximise their building’s efficiency, reduce operational costs, and achieve sustainability goals.


Significant positive outcomes are achieved through the application of Bueno’s building analytics platform. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Significant reduction in energy consumption and costs, with a typical 15% decrease in the first year.
  • Improved Comfort and Productivity: The optimised environment results in increased employee comfort and productivity.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Proactive maintenance reduces unexpected equipment failures and repair costs.
  • Sustainability Achievements: Substantial progress toward sustainability goals, enhancing the company’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organisation. Improved NABERS ratings by 1.5 stars is a common outcome.

By leveraging Bueno’s comprehensive building analytics platform, businesses can successfully transform their building operations, achieving significant cost savings, operational efficiency, and sustainability objectives.

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Integration with Other Modules

Bueno’s Building Analytics expertise integrates seamlessly with the Energy Management, Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), and Building Optimisation modules. This integration enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of building operations, offering a holistic approach to achieving Net Zero. With Bueno’s advanced energy management and near real-time FDD monitoring, buildings can achieve superior performance and sustainability outcomes.

Success with Bueno’s building analytics platform sets the stage for further advancements. By continuously leveraging data insights and refining operational strategies, companies are well-positioned to maintain leadership in sustainability and efficiency, paving the way for a Net Zero future.


Bueno’s Building Analytics expertise is the best step to Net Zero, utilising advanced Energy Management and Fault Detection and Diagnostics to elevate building efficiencies to the next level. This comprehensive approach not only maximises building performance but also ensures compliance with leading sustainability standards, such as NABERS, GRESB, Energy Star, Green Star, and BREEAM.

Bueno’s platform is designed to help businesses achieve and exceed their sustainability goals, making a positive impact on both the environment and the bottom line.

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