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We make building decarbonisation better for business and the planet.

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We partner with building owners and operators on the journey to reduce costs and carbon emissions using the power of building analytics and data intelligence

Join our global partners & clients in creating a sustainable future

Discover the future of smart building management with Bueno

Bueno is a leader in Smart Building Analytics software, with a core focus on decarbonising buildings to benefit businesses and the planet.

We specialise in building analytics and data analysis for HVAC, Energy Meters, Lighting Systems, and other energy-consuming commercial infrastructure. Our approach aims to reduce commercial energy consumption, detect faulty equipment, and ultimately reduce your building’s operating costs. Our results show an initial average savings of 20% within the first year, increasing to around 40% as you come on a journey with us.

We also identify ways to optimise your maintenance program and prevent potential faults from occurring. Bueno enhances building operations, streamlines maintenance and supports sustainability initiatives globally. Bueno’s building Analytics is an integral part of any corporate “Net Zero” strategy.

Bueno's Intelligent Platform

The power of simplicity

In any commercial building there are thousands of information points driven by HVAC, energy meters, sensors, computer systems, security systems etc – Bueno’s Platform connects to all of them through your existing protocols and ingests the data for analysis.

Bueno's Module Solutions

How Bueno works

We offer customisable building analytics solutions. Simply select one of our Modules; Energy Management, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, and Building Optimisation, to suit your specific needs.

Not all data points are equally important

Over the last 10 years, we have identified and developed a platform to achieve the quickest and most profitable route to decarbonisation.

Our user-friendly platform doesn’t just maximise energy savings. Our building analytics software empowers you with actionable, value-driven insights. This results in a reduction of cost and a direct path to sustainability goals.

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We are on a mission to create 
a more sustainable world

CO2 Savings

We have made more savings in CO2 than any other smart analytics platform.


We cover more systems: HVAC refrigeration, lighting, vertical transport, water, and meters.


We work in more industry sectors: Grocery, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial and Government.

Pioneering Spirit

Our team members helped pioneer NABERS integration in Australia. NABERS has helped remove 11.5 million tonnes of CO2 since conception.

A proven global leader in Energy Management Software

Bueno was recognised as a leader in energy management (Verdantix Green Quadrant: Energy Management Software 2023 Report, December 2023). The report assesses energy management software (EMS) vendors across their products’ technical and functional capabilities and their market momentum.

"Bueno Analytics has deployed an aggressive product development roadmap with priorities including ML, faster customer onboarding, and extensive API for improved integrations by channel partners. Bueno emerged as a market leader thanks to its powerful identification and implementation management of energy efficiency initiatives."

Verdantix Green Quadrant:

Bueno Analytics Leader Verdantix Green Quadrant Energy Management
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Our clients already know why Bueno is Better

The Bueno Partner Program

– a complete solution for our partners and their clients

Are you seeking to better support your client’s sustainability targets, performance goals, energy reductions or operational cost savings? 

The Bueno Partner Program provides exclusive, customised partner initiatives for organisations around the globe. 

Proven Expertise

Tested and successful decarbonisation strategies, developed over more than a decade of industry experience.

Tailored Solutions

Customised data intelligence solutions to empower building service providers to make informed decision-making for cost and carbon reduction.

Designed for Portfolios

Analyse your buildings by site/region/state/contractor.

Seamless Transition

For existing users, Bueno facilitates a smooth shift to next-gen analytics with a low-cost transition plan, minimising operational disruption.

Unlimited Scalability

Bueno’s fully integrated app eliminates scalability concerns, allowing clients to expand their decarbonisation efforts limitlessly.

Predictive Analysis and Automation

The platform incorporates predictive analysis and automation, proactively addressing issues for streamlined maintenance and enhanced efficiency.

Building Optimisation

Bueno’s holistic approach maximises energy savings by combining energy management and fault detection analytics for comprehensive building optimisation.

Empowered Clients

Actionable insights, automated checks and reduced labour costs facilitate a focused and efficient journey towards sustainability.

User-Friendly Work-flow

Bueno’s intuitive platform ensures easy navigation and quick adaptation to analytics tools for efficient implementation and real-time decision-making.

Partner Enablement

As a Bueno Partner, you can leverage Bueno’s expertise and experience to build out your own products and services, from team creation (sales/service teams) to strategic guidance.

NABERS Tracking

Actionable insights, automated checks and reduced labour costs facilitate a focused and efficient journey towards sustainability.

Bueno’s building analytics is at the forefront of delivering solutions that facilitate data-driven recommendations that improve NABERS performance. In fact, Bueno team members were involved in the creation and implementation of NABERS in Australia.

Other Ratings Schemes:

In addition to NABERS tracking, Bueno’s building analytics solutions offer a comprehensive suite of services to actively track and estimate various building rating schemes, including NABERS UK, Green Star, GRESB, Energy Star, WELLS, LL97 & LEED.

Bueno partners with GRESB to elevate sustainable Real Estate reporting

Bueno is excited to announce a transformative partnership with GRESB, the global leader in sustainability benchmarking for commercial properties. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Bueno Analytics’ journey to empower commercial property owners and operators worldwide with actionable insights and data-driven solutions to optimise their sustainability performance and enhance their GRESB ratings.

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