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We make building decarbonisation better for business and the planet.

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We partner with building owners and operators on the journey to reduce costs and carbon emissions using the power of building analytics and data intelligence

Join our global partners & clients in creating a sustainable future

Discover the future of smart building management with Bueno

Bueno is a leader in Smart Building Analytics software, with a core focus on decarbonising buildings to benefit businesses and the planet.

We specialise in building analytics and data analysis for HVAC, Energy Meters, Lighting Systems, and other energy-consuming commercial infrastructure. Our approach aims to reduce commercial energy consumption, detect faulty equipment, and ultimately reduce your building’s operating costs. Our results show an initial average savings of 20% within the first year, increasing to around 40% as you come on a journey with us.

We also identify ways to optimise your maintenance program and prevent potential faults from occurring. Bueno enhances building operations, streamlines maintenance and supports sustainability initiatives globally. Bueno’s building Analytics is an integral part of any corporate “Net Zero” strategy.

Bueno's Intelligent Platform

The power of simplicity

In any commercial building there are thousands of information points driven by HVAC, energy meters, sensors, computer systems, security systems etc – Bueno’s Platform connects to all of them through your existing protocols and ingests the data for analysis.

Bueno's Module Solutions

How Bueno works

We offer customisable building analytics solutions. Simply select one of our Modules; Energy Management, Fault Detection and Diagnostics, and Building Optimisation, to suit your specific needs.

Not all data points are equally important

Over the last 10 years, we have identified and developed a platform to achieve the quickest and most profitable route to decarbonisation.

Our user-friendly platform doesn’t just maximise energy savings. Our building analytics software empowers you with actionable, value-driven insights. This results in a reduction of cost and a direct path to sustainability goals.

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