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Crown Resorts | Hotel | Case Study

Crown Resorts | Hotel | Case Study

The Crown Casino Precinct in Melbourne has engaged Bueno as its analytics service provider

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The Crown Resorts Hotel Precinct in Melbourne is the largest casino in the southern hemisphere. The precinct incorporates three premium hotels – Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade. Together, they comprise 1,600 rooms, multiple heated swimming pools and fitness centres, conference centre and restaurants. 

Since 2015, Bueno has been engaged by Crown Resorts as its analytics service provider across the entire precinct. Crown selected Bueno as it aligns with its ethos. Crown is focused to use data to empower site management to find solutions that enhance the customer experience while minimising energy consumption and equipment uptime.

Crown Melbourne Precinct Flames

The Challenge for Crown Resorts

As an operator of exclusive hotels, comfort is critical for maintaining a premium customer experience. 

HVAC equipment often operates 24/7 and there is little room for error in HVAC control changes. Lift services must be available 24/7 and any out-of-service times could severely impact the customer experience.

Crown Resorts was an early adopter of data-driven business processes. This has, and continues to be, a world leading initiative into genuine data-driven facility management. 

Data-driven processes have become vital components in maintaining room availabilities and customer experience within the hotels domain.

Crown Melbourne Foyer

Customer Comfort Without Compromising the Bottom Line

On sites where uninterrupted comfort is critical, it can be difficult to identify issues, such as equipment running longer than necessary or fans running at a fixed speed. Bueno has a decade of experience dealing with operational patterns and identifying specific overperforming HVAC targets. Bueno’s analytics identified a low-load chiller stuck in a 24/7 operation and boilers stuck at +15C. These issues can impact equipment wear. Running equipment constantly and at capacity is almost always counterproductive to comfort and decarbonisation goals.

The Bueno Platform helps target uncomfortable temperature zones, failing water valves, inaccurate CO2 / temperature and humidity sensors, starved heating/cooling FCU coils, and identify flat-lining equipment that is offline. All these issues compromise the comfort conditions of the environment for patrons and staff. Detecting issues early significantly avoids unnecessary wear and tear that leads to equipment failure, and issues or downtime that compromise the guest experience.

Vertical Transport

Vertical transport is a crucial aspect of customer experience for high-rise hotels. Bueno’s integration monitored and reported on 10+ vertical transportation conditions including early signs of equipment issues that could lead to entrapment, uneven equipment wear and fault patterns enabling targeted maintenance. This information provided Crown with richer equipment historical data and complete data transparency to make better-informed decisions.

Bueno Analytics crown prminade Crown Resorts | Hotel | Case Study

Maintaining Room Availability

In collaboration with Crown Resorts, Bueno developed reporting that shows guest room air conditioning units that are failing to achieve their temperature setpoint. This allows management to eliminate scheduled maintenance, and instead send maintenance teams to catch units that are starting to go out of control. This effective, preemptive approach increases room availability, reduces unnecessary downtime incurred through outdated scheduled maintenance regimes and maintains Crown’s high standards of guest comfort and privacy.

Bueno Analytics crown room Melbourne Crown Resorts | Hotel | Case Study


Bueno’s platform has helped optimise Crown’s buildings, and continues to support its aspirations to deliver and maintain the highest standards of comfort, customer experience and room availability. With the help of Bueno’s insights and energy management solutions, Crown can protect its bottom line seamlessly while optimising equipment uptime and the comfort experience of its patrons.


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