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Dexus | Portfolio | Case Study

Dexus | Portfolio | Case Study

Dexus is one of Australia’s leading, fully integrated real estate groups. It manages a high-quality Australian property portfolio valued at $57.1 billion.

Total Reduction in Carbon

8.7K t

Electricity Savings kWh


Water Savings kL



Dexus is one of Australia’s leading, fully integrated real estate groups. It manages a high-quality Australian property portfolio valued at $57.1 billion. 

Dexus initially sought Bueno’s help to holistically optimise its properties, achieve its NABERS and ESG outcomes, whilst ensuring that the portfolio’s energy and water benchmarks continue to improve.

Since 2014, Bueno has successfully supported Dexus to maximise reductions in utilities, operational improvements, and sustainability outcomes, ensuring Dexus’ commercial building optimisation services outcomes are met.

Bueno Dexus Partnership Interior Image
Bueno Dexus Partnership Interior Image

The Challenge

Implementing connectivity to Dexus’ operational data across 23 properties, covering 760,000 m² and over 160,000 points, and their various system configurations was an initial challenge. Each property had its own Building Management System (BMS), Energy Management System (EMS) and digital infrastructure, requiring Bueno to engage with multiple vendors and contractors in order to implement our solution. 

The BMS across the properties varied with the way data was accessible, some via API, CSV or direct connections, requiring flexibility in Bueno’s integration technologies.

Some properties had meters integrated via the BMS, some required a direct cutover of the EMS, and others had no digital metering system. 

Each property has different Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system configurations (ie. chilled beam systems vs variable air volume systems or tri-generation systems vs traditional chiller/boiler systems) which meant that optimisation required an intimate understanding of each site’s operations to implement best practice optimisation recommendations.

Bueno was able to implement solutions to each challenge.

The Results

Bueno’s comprehensive Building Optimisation Module has helped establish Dexus as one of Australia’s best-performing NABERS and GRESB portfolios.

By implementing Bueno’s suite of solutions, Dexus achieved an impressive $2.8M optimisation savings across its portfolio.

    Dexus continues to meet its Sustainability and Operational objectives and feels confident that its properties are performing optimally.

    The Journey Begins

    To support Dexus’ goals, we implemented Bueno’s comprehensive Building Optimisation Module; a holistic solution that also includes Deployment, Platform, Reporting, Energy Management (EMS), Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and Building Optimisation. Bueno’s full suite has been key to the successful delivery of services for Dexus over the past 10 years. 

    Working with a range of Dexus stakeholders, including National Operations Managers, National Sustainability Managers, National Technology Managers, and Facilities Managers, Bueno skillfully focused on Dexus’s key objectives to reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of mechanical repairs and maintenance, and improve NABERS ratings and the life cycle of assets across all buildings.

    Our talented Deployments Team applied many integration methods to connect to Dexus’ various Building Management and Energy Management systems, applying best in class digital modelling to the data infrastructure.

    Bueno’s platform enables stakeholders to track the performance of the properties across all key parameters, informing Dexus of risks that need to be addressed and understanding of which properties need additional focus.

    The Energy Management Module ensures that performance is optimal and that Dexus’ intensity and ESG targets continue to be met. Additional metering design solutions and recommendations are also provided, ensuring improved NABERS ratings and better visibility across the portfolio.

    Bueno’s Fault Detection & Diagnostics Module ensures that faults and operational issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner, minimising the negative effects on NABERS ratings, tenant comfort and the life cycle of HVAC equipment.

    Bueno’s Building Optimisation Module allows for our platform to identify building optimisation areas, coupled with our knowledgeable Performance Specialists to advise and implement improvements in property operations, presenting Dexus pathways in achieving their NABERS and ESG goals.

    Supporting this solution is our data quality and integrity services inclusive of property health reporting ensuring that data is always available and continues to provide value for both site and portfolio driven sustainability and operational outcomes.

    Bueno’s solution empowers Dexus to make better-informed decisions and equip key stakeholders with valuable information that enables better results. 

    Bueno Dexus Partnership Interior Image
    Bueno Dexus Partnership Interior Image

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