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Investa | NABERS | Case Study

Investa | NABERS | Case Study

Helping Investa realise a goal of 5+ NABERS ratings across all buildings

AVG Increase in NABERS Energy Ratings – all buildings


AVG Increase in NABERS Water Ratings – all buildings


Financial Savings (to-date)


Investa is one of Australia’s largest and most recognised commercial office real estate companies. With over $11.5 billion of assets under management.  Bueno was engaged by Investa as a strategic partner to support their goal in reducing energy consumption, adopting a data-driven maintenance approach, and increasing their NABERS ratings across their portfolio.


The real challenge in this project was the integration of 5 different technology protocols spanning 16 different buildings Australia wide. With the addition of onboarding and educating key stakeholders and workers on how to adopt a new data-driven approach to operations. The project was to be completed within a 12-month period.


•Enabled Data-Driven asset maintenance.

•Identified opportunities for energy reduction through analytics.

•Managed risk to energy slip through analytics.

•Technical collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

•Enabled data hosting and ease of access for third parties.

•Reduced cost of operations through root cause analytics.

•Enabled live NABERS tracking across all buildings.

Bueno Analytics image 3 Investa | NABERS | Case Study

The Journey Begins

Bueno was chosen due to its ability to offer a total solution across the whole portfolio – with a primary goal of improving energy efficiency, operational labour, and enhancing comfort for tenants. Bueno focused on a holistic approach in the adoption of new technologies. Through collaboration, communication and education enabling a smooth transition into data-driven operations.

Bueno Analytics image 2 Investa | NABERS | Case Study
Bueno Analytics image 1 Investa | NABERS | Case Study


Through a collaborative effort Investa were able to successfully adopt a data-driven approach in less than 12-months, significantly optimising operational labour all while reducing energy consumption and ultimately increasing tenant experience. This has since resulted in remarkable ongoing savings and energy reductions, as well as an impressive 5-star NABERS rating average across all buildings. This newly adopted approach puts Investa at the forefront of technology adoption future proofing their operational model through the addition of valuable insights.


“In our first 18 months of partnership, we identified significant savings which helped us increase NABERS ratings across our buildings thanks to our new energy eduction and optimized operational labor. A great deal of these impressive achievements is a result of Bueno and their team of industry experts.“

Paul Vandervis, General Manager Facilities Services, Investa

Contact Bueno if you want to see how we can help you optimise your building and achieve your sustainability goals.

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