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Hudson Yards | Building Optimisation | Case Study

Hudson Yards | Building Optimisation | Case Study

Providing Related & TEC Systems a Comprehensive Solution for Building Optimisation.

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35 Hudson Yards stands as a pinnacle of modern urban development, boasting a mix of commercial spaces, residences, and recreational facilities. As part of Related’s commitment to sustainable real estate, 35 Hudson Yards represents a bold endeavor in eco-conscious design and operation.

However, managing such a multifaceted complex presents unique challenges, requiring seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders and stringent adherence to IT security protocols.


Navigating the complexities of 35 Hudson Yards demanded a robust solution that could harmonize disparate building systems, adhere to stringent security protocols, and empower stakeholders with actionable insights.

With separate base building and tenant management systems in place, the need for a unified, data-driven approach became evident.

The Journey Begins

In collaboration with Bueno, a leading provider of building analytics solutions, TEC Systems embarked on a mission to revolutionize the management of 35 Hudson Yards.

Leveraging Bueno’s suite of services, including an independent data layer, real-time energy management, fault detection and diagnostics, and data-driven maintenance, TEC Systems set out to deliver tangible sustainability outcomes.

Project Summary

The implementation of Bueno’s platform yielded significant benefits across multiple fronts. Sustainability teams gained access to tailored reporting and dashboarding tools, facilitating transparent performance tracking and informed decision-making. Operational teams were empowered with actionable insights, enabling them to identify and address maintenance and optimization opportunities promptly.

By harnessing Bueno’s advanced analytics capabilities, TEC Systems achieved notable results:

  • Over $190,000 in utility savings identified, $106,000 realized with a further $84,000 in progress
  • A remarkable 17% year-over-year improvement in tenant thermal comfort in the first year
  • Less than a year’s payback period, demonstrating the efficiency and efficacy of the solution
  • A comprehensive independent data layer, collecting over 11,000 data points every 5 minutes, providing unparalleled visibility and historical insights


TEC Systems and Bueno are actively collaborating with Related to expand upon the success achieved at 35 Hudson Yards. Plans include replicating this model at additional buildings within the Hudson Yards development, extending the benefits of the platform across the entire complex.

Additionally, the partnership aims to facilitate more complex energy efficiency projects between the base building engineering team and tenant engineering teams. By leveraging Bueno’s data-driven insights, Related Construction and TEC Systems seek to optimize building performance further and streamline maintenance processes for customers. Looking ahead, the focus will be on making data-driven maintenance an even more seamless experience and ensuring that other vendors within the Hudson Yards ecosystem can access the wealth of data collected centrally. Through continued collaboration and innovation, the partners are committed to driving sustainability and operational excellence throughout the Hudson Yards development.

Contact Bueno or our partner TEC Systems if you want to see how we can help you optimise your building and achieve your sustainability goals.

Bueno Case Study - 35 Hudson Yards
Bueno Case Study – 35 Hudson Yards

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