Bueno helps reduce greenhouse emissions for healthcare facilities

Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare & Hospitals

Bueno works with healthcare organisations to reduce total greenhouse emissions and to strive for net-zero and decarbonisation goals. We help improve building optimisation and patient comfort whilst reducing operating costs.

Making healthcare greener and more energy-efficient

Enhance efficiency by leveraging rich insights and adopting data-driven decision-making. Cut emissions across your healthcare properties and portfolios. Surpass sustainability goals by balancing indoor environment quality (IEQ) with reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption.

  • Improve healthcare requirements and building quality
  • Improve ESG credentials and regulatory goals
  • Generate meaningful savings that are linked to sustainability targets

Achieve ambitious net-zero targets

Address sustainability targets and strive to exceed new standards by arming yourself with the insights you need to make smarter decisions. 

Bueno's Smart Building Analytics for Healthcare & Hospitals
Bueno’s Smart Building Analytics for healthcare & hospitals

Cut operational costs. Save energy. Streamline operations

Substantial and quantifiable operational and energy savings

Gain complete visibility to proactively manage your operations, energy, and contractor maintenance. We help you identify problems, analyse performance, and act on insights with ease. Prevent unwanted downtime and costly surprises that impact your bottom line. 

  • Payback between one and two years
  • 20% Energy savings

Maximise patient comfort and satisfaction levels

Root cause diagnostics minimise disruption to critical equipment such as HVAC or elevator outages across your healthcare infrastructure. Centralised, real-time insights will collect and monitor building data sets from HVAC, elevators, fire systems, energy, and water treatment. 

  • Benchmark and measure asset and portfolio performance
  • Improve asset reliability and extend the lifecycle of equipment
  • Manage end-to-end warranty lifecycle

Take a proactive approach to contractor management

Collaborate with contractors to optimise assets and operational performance. With Bueno’s Smart Building Analytics solution, manage and benchmark service delivery to ensure that SLAs are upheld.

  • Optimise maintenance schedules
  • Prioritise asset management and maintenance
  • Benchmark and measure maintenance performance
  • Minimise reactive maintenance

Manage risk and compliance

With real-time visibility, ensure your campuses assets and equipment remain at optimal performance by:

  • Tracking regulatory requirements
  • Managing and benchmarking service delivery against SLAs
  • Reporting on asset compliance
  • Proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks

Take a look at Bueno’s Analytics Solutions and how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.

Trusted and passionate team of industry experts

Bueno has the most experienced and trusted team of industry experts. Our market-leading software supports your optimisation journey.

Learn more about the unique benefits of the Bueno Smart Building Analytics Solution.


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