Bueno offers more choice for connection and faster deployment

Bueno Platform Integrations

We connect and view more stand-alone systems than any other solution on the market  

Our data integration capabilities serve as the bedrock of our comprehensive platform. We understand that the foundation of building analytics lies in the data we collect and analyse. At Bueno, we ensure it all works seamlessly.

The Bueno Platform is capable of ingesting data from a multitude of control systems

Today, Bueno adopts a holistic, “whole-of-building” approach, encompassing a broad spectrum of data sources. It has taken a decade of development and leading research to develop the platform we have today.

Our journey began with a focus on Energy and Energy Management Systems (EMS). We then introduced Building Management Systems (BMS) data integration, recognising that these systems play a pivotal role in building performance. This expansion allows us to deliver more comprehensive insights and a deeper understanding of your building’s operations.

Why data integration matters

  • Data Access

    We seamlessly extract data from various building systems, ensuring you have real-time access to crucial information.

  • Comprehensive Insights

    Our holistic approach provides a 360-degree view of your building. It enables you to make informed decisions based on a complete understanding of its operations.

  • Customisation

    Data integration enables us to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

  • Efficiency

    By gathering and integrating data from multiple sources, we enhance the efficiency of your building, minimise energy consumption, and reduce operational costs.

  • Future Proofing

    As building technology evolves, our commitment to data integration remains on the cutting edge of innovation so that you can adapt to emerging technologies seamlessly.

No other platform makes it this easy to connect and access all your data

One of Bueno’s greatest strengths is its ability to integrate any data source and multiple systems seamlessly. We connect to all modern OT networks via one of our proprietary methodologies. These capabilities have allowed us to develop analytics across a breadth of operational technologies and for value propositions beyond energy savings.

Hard Connections

  • Edge Devices
  • Niagara4
  • JACE
  • Intel NUC / Minicomputer
  • BACnet
  • Trend
  • MODbus


Soft Connections

  • Email
  • FTP
  • sFTP
  • CSV
  • Energy Bill


Third-Party System Integration

  • Comfy
  • Envizi
  • Maximo CMMS
  • Plus many others
Bueno Analytics indoor green building 2 Bueno Platform Integrations

Trusted and passionate team of industry experts

Bueno has the most experienced and trusted team of industry experts. Our market-leading software supports your optimisation journey.

Learn more about the unique benefits of the Bueno Smart Building Analytics Solution.


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