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Bueno Leadership Team

Meet the dynamic Bueno leadership team, whose unparalleled expertise and visionary guidance have been instrumental in shaping and driving the industry forward. 

With a wealth of experience and a track record of innovation, the dynamic team of industry pioneers are the driving force behind Bueno’s success. 

Bueno Analytics leon The Leadership Team

Leon Wurfel


Leon founded Bueno in 2013, with a vision of using technology and his engineering expertise to improve building energy performance. His vision has seen rapid growth and success. Prior to Bueno, Leon worked as an Energy Efficiency Consultant in the Australian commercial property sector and was involved in the development of the world’s first legislated Building Performance Standard (NABERS). Leon ran energy performance engineering for the REIT (Colonial First State) which was recognised as the most sustainable property portfolio in the world by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for each of its first three years since inception.

Hugh Amoyal CEO Bueno Analytics

Hugh Amoyal


Hugh is Bueno’s CEO, tasked with empowering the team to deliver decarbonisation of the built environment at scale. Hugh is a data analytics and technology professional, with an MBA from INSEAD. He has helped many companies make better decisions based on data. Hugh was born in France, is married with three children, and is passionate about leaving the world a better place for his children through his knowledge of data, technology, and leadership abilities. He is focused on ensuring that Bueno creates long-lasting and impactful change to combat the climate crisis.

Bueno Analytics Richard The Leadership Team

Richard Harrison


Richard (aka Richie) is the Chief Technology Officer at Bueno, accountable for Bueno’s technology strategy and the formulation, development, and delivery of Bueno’s software platform. Richard has worked with Telstra, Australia’s largest Telecommunications company, to design and develop Machine Learning (ML) pipelines for their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. Richard is passionate about utilising technology to reduce the impact humans have on our environment and fostering a culture of mindfulness, compassion, and sustainable work/life balance within Bueno.

Bueno Analytics haibo The Leadership Team

Haibo Chen

Head of Global Services

Haibo Chen is the Head of Global Services at Bueno. He began his career in sustainability consulting and developing rating tools like NABERS. Since then, he has helped create a world-class data analytics platform whilst helping Bueno’s customers and partners along their sustainability journeys. Each day, Haibo is motivated by his passion for helping great people make positive global sustainability impacts through data.

Bueno Analytics Paul The Leadership Team

Paul Crothers

Country Manager Australia

Paul is Bueno's Country Manager for Australia and brings over 30 years of experience across various industries including Building Automation, Energy & Sustainability, Information Technology, and Digital Services. His expertise lies in providing solutions to business challenges, helping customers achieve their objectives, and aiding partners in expanding their operations. Paul is dedicated to steering the built environment towards a net-zero future.

Bueno Analytics Tyrone The Leadership Team

Tyrone Mawing

Business Development Director

Tyrone is the Business Development Director at Bueno. He has over 15 years of experience in the Industrial Automation and Built Environment sectors. He has worked for owner-operators, system houses, and technology companies internationally, and offers a diverse approach to helping craft solutions and programs for our customers to achieve their goals.

Bueno Analytics Ted The Leadership Team

Ted Atwood

Country Manager USA

With over three decades of experience in refrigerant management, environmental stewardship, and technology innovation, Ted has dedicated his career to solving complex industry challenges and advancing sustainability efforts. His journey began in the trenches of hardware and software development, where he focused on creating solutions to reduce environmental impact, enhance performance, and streamline compliance. As a trusted F-gas expert, Ted has built and led companies from the ground up, fostering collaborative partnerships and driving technological advancements.

Bueno Analytics Joseph 1 The Leadership Team

Joseph Chen

Head of Customer Success

Joseph is the Head of Customer Success at Bueno and leads both service delivery support and operational enablement efforts for Bueno’s SaaS channel partners globally. Starting his career as a lithography engineer at Intel, Joseph has since developed and led engineering service teams for several rapidly scaling startups, all of which focused on improving sustainability in the built environment.

Bueno Analytics JLR The Leadership Team

John La Rosa

Marketing Manager

John is the Marketing Manager at Bueno. He is a dedicated professional with over 35 years of expertise in marketing, insights, media, digital and brand strategy. John loves driving results through analytical insights, problem-solving, effective communication, and pioneering innovative solutions. John is known for his active participation in local initiatives aimed at supporting local small businesses and promoting environmental sustainability. John strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Bueno Analytics jodie2 The Leadership Team

Jodie Assaf

Head of Product

Jodie is the head of Product at Bueno. She is a proven leader, bringing B2B Web and Mobile products to market within start-up and growth tech to Bueno's platform. Jodie has worked across multiple domains and is experienced in design thinking, agile software development, and crafting product strategy that aligns all a business's strategic goals. Jodie is passionate about working with purpose-driven businesses that leverage the power of technology to create products that deliver significant positive impact for people and the planet.


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