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Refrigerant Leakage

Refrigerant Leakage

Reduce Refrigerant Leakage with Bueno Analytics

In the modern grocery industry, refrigeration systems play a critical role in preserving perishable goods, but they come with significant risks, particularly the risk of refrigerant leakage. Refrigeration leaks not only inflate operational costs but also have a substantial environmental impact, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Government agencies like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have launched initiatives like the GreenChill Partnership to address this issue on a global scale, aiming to reduce refrigerant leakage and encourage eco-friendly practices. This is where Bueno Analytics makes a difference.

Bueno offers a comprehensive solution to combat these challenges, using advanced technology to detect, analyse, and mitigate refrigeration leakage. Bueno’s three core modules—Energy Management, Fault Detection, and Building Optimisation—equip retailers with tools to effectively manage refrigeration systems. Doing so reduces energy consumption, prevents refrigeration leakage, and contributes to global sustainability goals; aligning with programs like GreenChill that promote responsible refrigerant practices.

Why Refrigerant Leakage Detection Matters

Refrigerant leakage is a significant concern in the grocery industry, affecting both sustainability and operational efficiency. Traditional methods of detecting leaks are often inadequate, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions, health risks, and costly repairs. Bueno Analytics is at the forefront of a new approach, offering a comprehensive suite of modules that leverage advanced technology to transform the way grocery retailers manage their refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Leakage Reduction Benefits

  • Reduce Energy Usage: Meet and exceed sustainability targets and reduce usage costs.
  • Fast-Track Sustainability: Prioritise actions to minimise refrigeration leaks.
  • Avoid Stock Loss: 24/7 monitoring ensures continuous visibility to prevent significant stock loss.

What makes Bueno Unique

  • Uncover Refrigerant Costs: Typically, 50% of total energies come from refrigeration. Gain real-time insights to optimise operations and maintenance programs before they become energy-wasting problems. Bueno’s platform reduces costly refrigerant leaks by 10-15% while providing the ability to report on asset compliance and prevent evaporator ice-ups.
  • Centralise Store Data: Experience 24/7 visibility and data access across all stores. This is crucial for avoiding significant stock loss and food wastage. Additionally, it aids in implementing change management strategies across the chain.

Vendor Agnostic & Non-proprietary

Bueno’s solution is agnostic to all vendors, including refrigeration, BMS, energy providers, and HVAC systems across your fleet. This ensures that insights, reporting, and benchmarking are objective, unbiased, and evidence-based.

Specialisation in the Grocery Industry

Bueno comprises a team of well-established experts specialising in large and medium-scale grocery chains. Our solution is configured for ease of deployment, and our team provides support throughout the digital transformation process to ensure the achievement of sustainability goals.

Remote Strategies and Scalability

Bueno’s platform is designed for scalability and remote collaboration. The cloud-based architecture allows retailers to monitor refrigeration systems from anywhere, facilitating seamless communication among teams and stakeholders. This remote capability is especially valuable for grocery retailers with multiple locations as it enables them to manage refrigeration systems across their entire portfolio.

The scalability of Bueno’s platform ensures that businesses can grow without limitations. The rapid deployment technology allows for the integration of new sites in hours, not days, providing flexibility as portfolios expand. This scalability, combined with Bueno’s robust remote strategies, ensures that retailers can maintain optimal performance across all locations, regardless of size or complexity.

The Dedicated Team Behind Bueno’s Success

Bueno’s success in refrigerant leakage management is driven by a team of experts who are passionate about sustainability and innovation. The team includes data scientists, engineers, sustainability specialists, and retail operations experts, all working together to develop cutting-edge solutions. This diverse expertise allows Bueno to address the complex challenges facing grocery retailers and deliver results that make a tangible impact.

Bueno’s Modules for Refrigerant Leakage Management

Bueno’s innovative approach to refrigeration system management is built upon three core modules: Energy Management, Fault Detection, and Building Optimisation. These modules work in harmony to provide a holistic solution for refrigeration system performance, enabling grocery retailers to detect and address refrigerant leaks proactively.

  1. Energy Management (EMS): Bueno’s Energy Management module focuses on reducing energy consumption across the entire building. This module is designed to monitor energy usage in real time and provide detailed insights into where energy is being used inefficiently. For refrigeration systems, Bueno’s technology can identify overcooling, unnecessary compressor cycling, and other factors that contribute to excess energy use. By addressing these issues, retailers can reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs.

The Energy Management module allows grocery retailers to visualise energy consumption trends, compare performance across multiple sites, and identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions about energy optimisation, creating more sustainable and efficient operations.

  1. Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD): Bueno’s Fault Detection and Diagnostics module is designed to identify issues within refrigeration systems before they escalate. The module uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect anomalies and predict potential failures. For refrigerant leakage, the Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) module continuously monitors pressure, temperature, and refrigerant levels, providing early warning signs of leaks.

This proactive approach to fault detection allows grocery retailers to schedule maintenance and repairs before a leak becomes a major problem. By preventing unexpected breakdowns and emergency callouts, Bueno’s Fault Detection module helps businesses save time and money while reducing the risk of environmental damage.

  1. Building Optimisation: Bueno’s Building Optimisation module provides a comprehensive view of the entire building’s performance. This module integrates data from various sources, including refrigeration systems, HVAC, and lighting, to create a holistic picture of building operations. By understanding how different systems interact, retailers can optimise their operations for maximum efficiency.

For refrigeration leakage management, the Building Optimisation module allows retailers to identify trends and correlations that might indicate potential leaks. This broader perspective enables businesses to take preventive measures, reducing the likelihood of refrigerant leakage and its associated risks.

Bueno Refrigeration Leakage  and Refrigeration Detection


Bueno Analytics offers a comprehensive solution for grocery retailers seeking to reduce refrigerant leakage and optimise refrigeration systems. The powerful combination of Energy Management, Fault Detection, and Building Optimisation, Bueno provides a holistic approach that empowers businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. With advanced analytics, remote collaboration, and scalability, Bueno’s platform is uniquely positioned to help retailers reduce their carbon footprint, save energy costs and minimise operational disruptions. If you are interested in learning how Bueno Analytics can help your organisation reduce refrigerant leakage and improve refrigeration system performance, contact us today.

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