Bueno Energy Management
Energy Management Module

Bueno provides more than just a typical Energy Management Solution

Bueno’s Energy Management Module focuses on optimising the value of your existing energy systems. Our data enables you to make decisions about where to focus your efforts, tells you when something may impact your consumption profile, and monitors meter and data integrity so that you can use it with confidence.

Energy Management Module: Key Customer Outcomes

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase confidence in reporting
  • Digitally enable teams to manage energy
  • Baseline and target measurement 

Energy Management Module: Deliverables

  • Energy Tracking and Reporting
  • Energy Data Cleansing 
  • Energy Anomalies Detection
  • Workflow Management
  • Analytics Services
    • Energy Data Uptime Monitoring
    • Triage Anomaly Insights to Action
    • Energy Performance Monitor and Report
    • NABERS Tracking

Other Bueno Module Solutions

Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)

Identifies building equipment and operational issues, essential for Data Driven Maintenance delivery.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)

Focuses on identifying equipment faults, operational deviations, and minor inefficiencies in the various building operational systems. The module analyses insights and provides actionable solutions for site services, Facility Managers and contractors to address.
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Building Optimisation

A holistic and systematic approach to address and improve building systems operations and significantly reduce a building’s overall energy profile.

Building Optimisation

Executes a strategic and systematic data-driven energy reduction plan to enhance overall asset performance. Improve and fine-tune building technologies and operational systems holistically. It encompasses implementing proactive measures to maximise energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure building systems operate at optimal performance levels.
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Additional Benefits from Using the Bueno Platform

Open Architecture

Bueno Open APIs allow customers to leverage their building data for extended purposes.

Accurate Algorithms

Refined analysis. Tested & validated rules across more systems.

Rapid Deployment

Machine learning deployment technology enables rapid onboarding & scale-up of new sites (hours, not days).

Single Platform for all Building Systems

Our platform is adaptable, enabling it to connect to a broader range of building systems for complete building optimisation.

Designed for Portfolios

Analyse your buildings by site/region/state/contractor.

Trusted and passionate team of industry experts

Bueno has the most experienced and trusted team of industry experts. Our market-leading building analytics software supports your building optimisation journey. Learn more about the unique benefits of the Bueno Smart Building Analytics Solution.


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