UK Expert Panel – High impact strategies for a smart building journey

Bueno London Event Expert Panel on Smart Building Strategies

Bueno recently hosted a panel in London on smart buildings, featuring industry experts from CBRE, Dexus, and Arcadis. The discussion highlighted key strategies for achieving intelligent, efficient, and sustainable buildings, emphasising data integration, stakeholder engagement, and early adoption of technology for maximising building performance and sustainability goals.

UK Panel – Improve your building ratings by Mastering GRESB & NABERS

Bueno Event London: NABERS UK Panel: Practical tips, working with GRESB plus Q&A

In a dynamic session in London, Bueno Analytics brought together experts from GRESB, Better Buildings Partnership, and Bueno to discuss sustainable building practices. Key insights included the integration of advanced technology for energy optimization, the importance of tenant-landlord collaboration, and how frameworks like GRESB and NABERS UK complement each other to drive comprehensive sustainability in real estate.


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